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Posted on June 5, 2019 at 4:43 PM Comments comments (164)
IT IS POURING!!! MY SYNTHETIC WIG GOT WET IN THE RAIN!! WHAT DO I DO NOW? Will getting caught in the rain hurt your synthetic fiber wig? What should you do to keep it looking great if it gets wet? Simply blot your wig with a towel or napkin, etc., and let it air dry. Resist the urge to comb or brush the wet fibers. This can snarl or tangle the fibers and damage the wig. Also, you can use something (a piece of paper, a newspaper, etc.) as a fan to speed the air drying. When you get home, remove the wig and place it on your wig stand to dry (one which allows air circulation to the interior of the wig, not a Styrofoam head). Avoid using a blow dryer, as heat can damage the fibers. When the wig is dry, give it a shake, put it on, style it and you are ready to go! Come to BATCHELOR'S BEAUTY BASKET & WIG SHOP to see the beautiful styles we have! 765-474-1095